Power and Telecommunication Division

Our business area is expanding year by year.
Our business is focused in Shunan-shi, Yamaguchi prefecture, but in recent years we have been involving in a few projects at overseas in respond to the globalization.

【Overhead transmission line】

Pioneer the mountain, stepping on earth. Monuments that support society.

From the power plant, electric is generated and distributed through the overhead transmission line with the support of transmission tower, which is built on a strong foundation. We contribute to the stable electric supply by quickly responding to the repair work such as during natural disaster, apart of constructing, relocating and removing of the tower. We are making every effort to promote smooth and eligible technology of transmission line construction without compromising on safety.

【Underground transmission and distribution line】

Lifeline extending to the sky, sea and land. Let us bring this city the moisture.

Existing transmission line is buried into the ground. Newly established line is appraised at the stage of city planning. In addition to the landscaping of the city skyline, it is our role to protect the transmission line from damage due to natural disaster such as thypoon and earthquake. Besides, the technology cultivated through this underground construction also supports various forms of civil engineering fields.Through the construction of underground transmission line, we have accumulated experience in civil works in many directions. This underground transmission line is also act to protect the old Japanese architectural landscape. There are countless transmission line running underground that support people’s lives.

【Submarine power cable】

Connect a series of islands through the bottom of the ocean.Cables that connect the thought to the society.

Bridges are not the only one that connect the mainland to the island. At the bottom of the ocean, countless cables run, delivering lifeline to every single island. We begin with careful surveys of surrounding sea floors, such as the seabed condition and tidal current, as to determine whether the cable can be laid correctly. Then we will decide the route, connect the cables and do inspection. These are our expertise in submarine cable technology.


Change target and spread beyond the borders. There is no end to “Connecting Technology”.

The development of information and telecommunication networks are going at an accelerating pace. As an important structure to support the society in the future, we are actively working on this field as well. We are responsible for the telecommunication such as optical fiber that can send large amount of data at high speed. We undergoing daily training and strengthen our physical strength as a company so that we can take ride on the wave of major change and immediately respond to the new needs.