Our Job

“Everyone, gather!!”
 Above picture is a group photo taken in front of the site office in December 2015 at the end of cable replacement project for No.51-63, 110kv Sakai Minato line in Matsue-shi, Shimane prefecture. On-site supervisor and direct management team of Taguma, with staffs from Tokuyama Souden and Showa Denko, which strength of about 40 persons, completed the project without any accident.
 We are passionate about infrastructure building and electricity maintenance. As such, we are working very hard to convey this “power transmission soul” inherited from our seniors to the future generation.
 Is it worth it ? ? 「We build the tower, lay the cable and deliver the electricity to the people」.This kind of accomplishment and satisfaction that is really worth our effort.
This is what we are doing !

  • ○Overhead transmission line construction (new-build and rebuild of steel towers)

  • ○Overhead transmission line construction (maintenance)

  • ○Underground transmission line construction 【conduit and cable laying construction (picture shows laying work of 110KV electric cable)】

  • ○Piling work by using EAZET method (about 27m of piling until supporting layer)

  • ○The multi-purpose DPS vessel is equipped with four variable-pitch propellers controlled by GPS and computer, so that the cable laying works can be done without being influenced by tidal currents.

  • ○Submarine cable laying construction (picture shows 66KV submarine cable laying works by multi-purpose vessel)