Application Requirements

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【Job Information】

■Salary(Monthly) 240,000円~(College grads)
234,000円~(Technical college grads)
現場管理:218,600円~(High school grads)
電工:200,000円~(High school grads)
■Positions Technical
■Location Shunan (Yamaguchi), Hiroshima (Hiroshima), Izumo (Shimane)
■Bonus Twice yearly (July, December)
■Salary raise April
■Allowances Travel allowance, Commuting allowance, Housing allowance, Family allowance
■Working hours 8:30~17:30

■Holidays Saturday and Sunday, New year holidays, Summer holidays, Special leave
■Annual holidays 113 days
■Annual leave 10 days
■Retirement 60 years old (continued employment)
■Commuting allowance My car is permitted
■Welfare Employment insurance, Industrial accident insurance, Health insurance, Employees’ Pension, Retirement allowance system
■Application Free application
■Selection Interview, written test (general knowledge, essay)
■Person in charge Mr. Kanaya (Engineering Dept.)